.NET Core 3 – what impressed me

This are the things that have impressed me:

  • Async Streams ( think in conjunction with about EFCore / SignalR / gRPC / Observables)
  •  .NET Default Interface members ( not appliable to classes  – so multiple inheritance is a problem just for interfaces…)
  • Deconstruct – see a class from his properties
  • Switch  – they improved Switch to work practically in any case scenario
  • For Windows Application –  COM support, MSIX
  • For any application – Default Files Executable ( about time!), assembly linking( tree-shaking in Javascript idiom) , single files executables ( like a jar file, but executable)
  • For plugins: Assembly loading improvements and Assembly Unloadability
  • gRPC in ASP.NET Core
  • SignalR improvements
  • Windows Authentication has been extended onto Linux and macOS
  • As of ASP.NET Core 3.0, .NET Framework is no longer a supported target framework.
  • EFCore : Restricted client evaluation – Explicit loading data from database
  • EFCore: Async in loading data
  • EFCore : IDBCommandInterceptor for

But there are more improvements( nullable for classes , using syntax, static local functions…)

Be sure that you read the links: