Design Patterns Class

For anyone interested I propose a class on Design Patterns and their practical use in .NET Core / .NET Framework.

The tutorial  will take eight hours /  1  day. After that, you will have a practical knowledge about some of Design Patterns and their practical use in any framework construction.

The design patterns shown will be:

  1. Visitor
  2. Strategy
  3. Singleton
  4. Factory
  5. Fa├žade
  6. Dependency injection
  7. Decorator
  8. Chain of responsibility
  9. Prototype
  10. Iterator
  11. Builder
  12. Adapter

Every design pattern will have:

  1. Explanation of the design pattern
  2. Demo about their use in .NET Core / .NET Framework
  3. Code to show their use
  4. A practical exercise for the participants

For more details , please see my skype contact above