Making Is This Taxi Legal–Proof of concept

This werer the steps for making a Proof of concept for Is This Taxi Legal application

Finding PDF about taxi licence for Bucuresti : PDF at

Thinking about application + web site about this -with a simple search and possible OCR ( take image of the car plate and recognizing number) . Also for international ( GPS for phones to know the city). Also IOT for monitoring the illegal taxi movement( could be also illegal to do this)

The Proof of Concept: A WebAPI + WebSite( that can be accessed also by mobile) to enter a plate number and find if it is legal. Maybe later an Android App.

Step 1 : acquiring data from

. Download situatia_autorizatiilor_taxi_20171208.PDF

Step 2 : cleaning data – read with Word and transform into CSV.

Trying <table>. ConvertToText – not good, it preserves the return character and data can not be read safely after that.

The solution: read row by row and replace CR/LF with empty for each cell.

After this, problem with Bell character – replace this also the 7 character

After this, problem with repeating headers for each table in the csv

This is the VBA code

( maybe doing same in R : )

Step 3 : Making objects to support

First creating objects to support this . Car, City, LicenseState, Licensee, TaxiAutorization.

Creating test – the City should be unique – even if Bucarest is multiple times, the City object should be the same.

Step 4: Consolidating data from CSV to objects

Creating objects to mimic CSV data . Return to step 2 and put separator | instead of ,

Problem with parsing data

– a date could not exist, so it will be nullable

– could be either , either either 27.02.202

Separate the lines with errors from the lines without errors . And return the result as a tuple

Making test in order to see the errors

Step 5: Application Web + WebAPI to display data

Making WEBAPI for seeing all and some taxis

See that valid taxis are not parsed correctly ( Validat vs Valid) . Modify test

Discover there are some licenses with state…

Step 6: Deploy sources to GitHub

Easy to do – create and submit at

Step 7: Create an application visible on internet

You can create an account at , integrate with GitHub and deploy there :


Step 8: Document the API

Swagger / Swashbuckle is the easy way to do this. Deployed at

Step 9 : Remake the documentation

Mention all the documentation in all places ( API, GitHub, others)

Mention the contact name if something is wrong

Add API for enums


This was a work of 8 hours –  and it is just a proof of concept .