Developing an outlook helper–part 1 from 5



Developing Outlook helper – introduction

Developing Outlook helper-VBA macro

Developing Outlook helper-C#

Developing Outlook helper – javscript for Office 365

Developing Outlook helper – conclusions

I want to show how much the software have changed from the early days to now.

For this , I will show it was / is to develop / test / deploy a sample outlook macro/application that allows the user to find if a name is between the email addresses from an email ( in a international company this is rather a difficult task).

The part 2 will be implementation as  an Outlook VBA Macro

The part 3 will be a VS addon application

The part 4 will be a modern Javascript Office 365 application

In the part 5 I will put the conclusions – but I think that you have an idea about what I am talking.