Final 2016 and predictions for 2017

2016 meant for me

1. YouTube tutorials on .NET and tools –

3. Hardware Share Initiative – through which we provide Raspberry Pi and others

4. Reconfirm MVP

5. .NET Core – I have to get up to speed.

6. The job of Technical Director – the meetings were not so harsh.


In the 2017 I (want to) see


1. Consolidation of JavaScript frameworks – or browsers ( now I see so many flavors that is difficult to make a choice)

2. It works on my machine will be soon enough “It works on my Docker/Virtual Machine” and I will deploy as “Docker/Virtual Machine”  into production

3. The OOP programmer will be soon replaced by functional programmer and / or Component Expert Programmer (means the programmer that knows what components to use)

4. IoT will be joined with Augmented Reality