MVC planning poker – use cases and mockups – 1


I have decided to start a new project – MVC planning poker . This is inspired by  – and it is a program to sharpen my skills

The project is aimed to software enterprises using Active Directory – however, it can be used by any organization.


UseCase 1: Create table
Moderator identified by Name -  creates the table and the duration times(1,2,3,5,10) and optional the round name.

He has an ID to share to the next participants

UseCase 2: Participants join the table
Any user can join the table by entering the ID + name .

Use Case 3: Moderator can boot from the table
Moderator can boot from the table( permanently of just for this session ) any participant.
If permanently, the participant with this name can not join anymore

Use Case 4: Estimation saved
Moderator enters a round name (?) .
Participants choose a value.
When all participants have choosen the value, the cards are shown
The cards with  high estimates and low estimates are highlighted
Host press "create new estimation" and create new estimation
The old estimation is saved in history

Use Case 5: Round reset
Moderator enters a round name (?) .
Participants choose a value.
Host press "reset round " and a fresh new round is created
The old one is not saved

Use Case 6: Round save
After a round is saved, the users can see the history round names and picked value
They can see also a total

Use Case 7: Export
Participants can choose if they download the results in CSV / EXCEL / Word /PDF format

Use Case 8: Round delete
The host can delete a round previously saved


The mockups are the following:


create_table table