Dependency injection choice

For a personal pet project I have needed a DI framework . It relates to WebApi – I need to switch the provider for web api between a console and web – mostly authentication / logging different.

Some years ago was only StructureMap – but now there are a lot.

So I started to investigate to choose between the DI frameworks.

What I have wanted:


1. open license to use in a project – and source code too – to can upgrade.

2. Updated to the last .NET framework ( so , for .NET 10.0 , I will not be left to upgrade myself the source code – I am lazy too)

3. Speed

4. Last but not least:  easy to use – have some simple example to start me with


The first link found was:  – it helps about license . Recomends Autofac. I was not very sure about.

Let’s see who have updated the source code to .NET 4.5 . I started looking at github and google code – and , yes, all are updating the source to the latest framework.

For speed I consider relevant  – if you look down , latest update was(quoting):

“17.11.2013: Added Grace. Updated several containers.”

Recommends  Simple Injector . And from his page seems simple to use.

So my choice is Simple Injector . If you use a DI, please say in the comments what DI and  why.