.tt files to maintain assembly version in sync

Let’s suppose you have a medium-big application and you have several dll-assemblies-component that the main application references( DAL, BLL). You have several deployments of the application at clients and , when a client , you must find each version of each assembly deployed.

I have developed a simple .tt file to  ensure that every component that you compile have the same version – you can run on the server on the automatic build(http://www.olegsych.com/2010/04/understanding-t4-msbuild-integration/) or by hand.

More, with this .tt file you can

    1. Have the date /time ( with minute) of the compile of the dll embedded into version information
    2. Read a text file and add same copyright to all projects( left as an exercise to the user) .


You can see the demo at http://youtu.be/PudBWl16308 .

You can download the project at https://github.com/ignatandrei/AssemblyInfoTT