programming tools 2012

Those are the tools that I haved worked with in my previous year.
If you want to know how to utilize them, just ask me ;-).

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(LocalDB) for sql server 2012programming tool;databasefinally, a deploy fast database
.tt filesprogramming toolprogrammer best fried to generate code from database
7-ZiputilitiesCan handle archive files (zip, rar, iso and many others)
all in one gesturesfirefox addonsclose - open pages fast
AutoFixtureframework; dataauto generating data
AutoMapperprogramming toolmapping from database models to ViewModels - to preserve database independence
azure providersazure toolsazure storage data access
azure storage explorerazure toolsazure acces demo
chrome developer toolschrome addondebugging js code, see html, modifying
CleanProjectutilities; visual studiocleans bin and zip a project
codeplexprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;just online
Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkitkinect toolsadditional helper for kinect
cvsprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;could be installed locally
datatablesframework;javascripttables on steroids
dosboxutilities;dosrunning old programs
Ef profilerdatabaseInstrumenting entity framework commands and seeing problems
ef rebinderprogramming toolcomposing expressions
entity framework 4.xframework;databasedatabase handling POCO
fiddlerprogramming toolintercepting http requests
file zillautilities;ftpupload sites and utilities
FileHelpersframework;readerRead in various file formats - csv, etc
Firefox addonsprogramming tool; addonsA collection of firefox addons
forecastfox weatherfirefox addonsweather
foxit readerutilitiespdf fast reader
free commanderutilitiesfile manager - 2 panels
ghost docaddon visual studiogenerating comments
githubprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;just online
github for windowsprogramming tool;accesing git fast
google chromeutilities;browserhtml viewer ;-)
html tidychrome addonverify html
html validatorfirefox addonsvalidate html corectness( first step in design)
HtmlAgilityPackframework;htmlHtml request as XML
ieutilities;browserhtml viewer ;-)
ie developer toosie addondebugging js code, see html, modifying
IIS 7programming tooldeveloping websites on local - make same as for deployment on serverWindows 7
IIS SEO Toolkitprogramming tool;iisseo done fast
imacros for firefoxfirefox addonsautomate testing
Internetutilities;programming toolprogrammer best fried to search for help; blog posts; knowledge sharing
itextsharpframework;pdfmaking pdf files
javascript date formatjavascriptdate time format
Jenkinsprogramming tool;continous integrationautomatically run tests
jqueryframework;javascriptjavascript on steroids
jquery alpha numericframework;javascriptalpha numeric for textbox
jquery numericframework;javascriptnumeric for textbox
jquery uiframework;javascripttab control;dialog;autocomplete;date picker
jquery watermarkframework;javascriptwatermark for textboxes
json2framework;javascriptfor old ie
kinect contribkinect tools;visual studiovisual studio template for kinect
kinect sdkkinect toolskinect sdk with demo
kinect toolboxkinect toolsdetection of gestures
knockoutframework;javascripttemplating on javascript
leech blockfirefox addonsproductivity - do not look at internet sites( facebook)
log4netframework;logginghelp to log various information; does not been imporved from some time
lumisoftframework;emailemail reader
magic diskutilitiesmounting iso
measure itfirefox addonsfind length in the browser
measure itchrome addonfind length in the browser
Microsoft Visual Studio Proffesional 2010 + 2012( +Express)IDEFavorite programming tool
Moqframework;mockingmocking tool ; testing
morning coffeefirefox addonsload sites on click
msbuildprogramming toolproviding actions to deploy autmoatically and many others
msbuildtaskprogramming tool;buildall kind of task run after build
mvc3 + mvc4framework;websiteFavorite developping websites framework
nlogframework;logginghelp to log various information; does not been imporved from some time
notepad ++utilities;programming tooleditor
nugetaddon visual studioAll kind of frameworks for vs
OfficeOpenXMLPart4reference; officeMarkupLanguageReference  for Office XML.(Excel, word)
page speed insightchrome addonmeasure web site performance
PowerCommandsaddon visual studiotransform tt templates per project
productivity power toolsaddon visual studiocommand prompt, may others
psrprogramming tool;helpgenerating helpWindows 7
RazorframeworkMVC simple write mixed code server /html
razor code generatormvc;addon visual studioput MVC views in a dll
Regulator and Regulazyhelpersregular expression helpers
resolution testchrome addontest in broser for different resolutions
reverse equalityaddon visual studioreversing data bound
Save_playlist_in_order_to_mp3_player_V3_2utilities;winamp addonsave playlist
select2javascriptdropdown list on steroids( ajax infinite completing…)
seleniumfast testing htmltesting html easy
send to kindlechrome addonread later various pages
skypeutilities;communicationvoice and video sharing
smtp4devframework;smtplocal email server;helps seeing messages;
Sql CE 4.0programming tool;databasefinally, a deploy fast database
sql search from RedGatesql server manager addonsearch text in columns names and stored proc content
sql serverprogramming tool;databaseExpress version free; database
sql server managerutilities;databaseExpress version free; database management
string templateframeworkgenerating codes from data and visualization; razor avant la letter; coulkd generate excel XML
structure mapprogramming tooldependency injection - code for testing
svnprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;could be installed locally
sysinternals explorer;blue screen;
T4MVCprogramming tool;mvcgenerating MVC names
table pressblogthis post was made with table press( and some modifs)
tfsprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;could be installed locally
tfs power toolsprogramming tool; source codeintegration with explorer
tiny mceframework;javascripthtml editor
tortoise svnprogramming tool;source codeintegration with explorer
TroyGoode-PagedListframeworkMVC provider for simple paging
trx2htmlutilities; visual studiotest results to html
vlc media playerutilitiesvideo player
vs2010 testgenerating data for .load testgenerating code for test ; could modify; database generated id's
web developerfirefox addonsinvestigate site html + css + js + …
Web Essentialsaddon visual studioJIT debugging for HTML - no refresh required
winamputilitiesmusic player
windows live writerutilities;bloggingblog made easy from desktop
winmergeprogramming tooldifference files /folders ( versions from source code)
wordpressblogthis blog
xunitframework;testingtesting programs; VS independent
yahoo messengerutilities; communicationvoice and video sharing
yahoo slowfirefox addonsmeasure web site performance
yahoo slowchrome addonmeasure web site performance
zip sharpframework;zipmaking zip files

You can download as pdf my 2012 tools
If you want more explanations about those tools, I am ready to help you. Please contact me at . I was a teacher – so I can explain easy the programming aspects.
If you have used others, please propose in comments.