String Truncate in MVC

I always wanted a string truncate  – i.e.,  if you have a long string, to have “show less” and “show more”.

So I have decided to do it .

1. See in action first:


And after click:


2. How can you use in your MVC projects:

Add in your project the \Views\Shared\DisplayTemplates\StringTruncate.cshtml file ( in this folder!) and put
@Html.DisplayFor(m => m.String1, “StringTruncate”)

3. Code: It implies only a div and a hidden – and javascript, of course.

@model string

    string id = ViewData.ModelMetadata.PropertyName;
   string textFull = Html.Encode(Model??"");
   string PartialText = textFull;
   string less = "";
   bool full = true;
   if (PartialText.Length > 20)
       full = false;
       PartialText = PartialText.Substring(0, 20) + "...<a href=javascript:showHide_" + id + "(true)>(more)</a>";


<div title="@textFull" id='@("display"+ id)'>
        @Html.Raw(PartialText )

    @{if (full) {

<div  id='@("hid" + id)' style="display:none">
<p><a href='javascript:@("showHide_"+ id) (false)'>less</a></p>
<script type="text/javascript">
function @("showHide_"+ id) (showFull){

$("#@("display"+ id)").toggle(!showFull);

$("#@("hid"+ id)").toggle(showFull);


4. Source code here:

string Truncate

5. TODO ( homework):

Modify the source in order to have one javascript and send the ids of the hidden and of the div to the function.