Sometimes it’s difficult

I am a good contributor(+moderator) at  forums ( and I love MVC ). Sometimes it’s very difficult to stay calm . Let’s make an example:


[new programmer first post]

Hi I am new in ASP.NET mvc 3

I want to insert/modify collection on the page without refresh.

[ code for database first]

Now on create product View I want to add a composite in IList<Composite> Composites collection.



[My answer]

2 things here:
Modify a collection in MVC :

Send via ajax :


[new programmer answer after 4 ( FOUR!) minutes]

Hi ignatandrei

Thanks for the reply.

But I have no idea how to implement this thing.

can you give me a small example regarding this.

I have tried many times but not successed.


[My answer]

quoting “I have no idea how to implement this thing” from new programmer

What thing of the 2 I have shown you ?
More, I admire your fast reading if you read 2 tutorials(max 6  minutes)  so fast , download codes , reproduce and decide that you do not understand.


[new programmer]

Hello ignatandrei

I am sorry… The links which you have posted was not underlined/highlighted; so that’s why I thought  it were like suggentions. because of that misunderstanding I replied you back for demo application.



And then the usual combination of “ I am getting an error” – although my tutorial it handles errors – both from server side and communication side

However, when someone asks for help it is good to READ what other said – even it was suggestions…

And , as I say, sometimes it is difficult to stay calm. What have you answered?