Sample Kinect application

Made my first application for Kinect. It was just a combination of multiple other source code + EF4.3 for SqlServer Compact 4.0 ( to can have a database without pain of installing).

As learning:

  1. The audio recognition does not work very well.
  2. It was fun to write
  3. Do not make an action for each joint movement – it is overwhelming for Kinect
  4. If you approach Kinect device perpendicular ( such as line of shoulders is perpendicular  to Kinect) it does not recognize you.


The application makes a simple thing:

You can use them to photo the thiefs that comes after you left the house.
Just press “Capture” (or make a circle with the right hand) and after a timeout( set in option) the application will register, via Kinect, any new human move.It will save to the
<user profile> AppData\Roaming\Pictures  and, if configured , to a website ( more details later this month).


Download from here if you have a Kinect device