This software is free



This is an MVC add-on to add a messaging system to any MVC application. It costs me 0$ to make this program ( not yet finished, but free source at  and the related posts are at )

Home Computer – already done for browsing the internet.

Download Visual Studio Express – free .

Download Sql Server Express – free.

Download latest bits of EF 4.2 – to work with SqlServer Compact too – free.

(Connection to internet : 25 $ – but was already done for browsing the internet)

Installing and configuring software on my PC – 0 $.

All I have done is to sit on my home desk and tapping into the keyboard. But this is does not costs , right?

Making, Planning, testing, deploying – 0$.

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So if you’re a magazine, website, corporation, sports team, or advertiser developer who wishes to use this photo  software , please don’t   come and ask to use it for free, or in exchange for credit or “exposure”.


Do not give feedback . Just rant about how bad code smells ,about how OOP and SOLID and Design Patterns are not made clear and how Testing is not properly handled. After all, it is free , right?