Implementations GUI details

When creating a GUI you must think to give user some good feeling about what the software can do – so I started to MVC 4 website, that have mobile support integrated.

More, you must demonstrate some features right away to the user – so what’s best if not a message from system admin to the user  to “welcome” him ?

For this , I have to  implement a template with RazorEngine – simple to used from his code

string template = "Hello @Model.Name! Welcome to Razor!";
  string result = Razor.Parse(template, new { Name = "World" });

Summary of modifications for this simple operation – send and display a message  from Admin when a user registers

  1. Add connectionstrings to web.config – to connect to database + SiteUtils static class to retrieve it.
  2. RegisterAdmin user in Application_Start – in order to have user Admin in the database ( generate a GUID and put into a const)
  3. Add “welcome.txt” file
  4. Add RazorEngine to parse message
  5. Modify  Register action in order to send message after a user registers
  6. Add an area “Messaging” in order to can have the messaging separated from main site( to be easier to xcopy)
  7. Add an Index action( display read/unread messages) + View
  8. Add an DisplayMessage action (display a message) + View

All for this picture where it shows number of unread messages(1) and list :


You will find code at


Think about the user actions . He will be interested in the following for existing messages:

  1. Unread messages
  2. View of all messages (paginating)
  3. Search messages:
    • Messages from a date
    • Messages from someone
    • Search

What do you think it will be done for implementing those?