Sql developer versus C#(.NET ) developer

I am not very well yet from my operation – so I can not write yet a tutorial.

But I want to propose you the following difference: Sql developer versus C# developer.

In my opinion , nowadays, if you program some application , you MUST have some database. More, the retrieving of data from the dtabase is a matter of relative speed to be seen by the user. So , for me, every .NET programmer should know about indexes / schema / foreign keys / users and so on. More, it has to know about connection pooling and stored procedures.

So, in my opinion ,  you can not be a .NET programmer without knowing much about databases.

What do you think, dear reader?

( This post is generated from a discussion in that the guy says that “I’m a C# developer, not a SQL developer.” and then leaving hints like “Any organization that follows a business practice of SQL users on databases needs to fire their DBA and find someone with the knowledge and foresight of how to scale security in db roles and filter the access through the domain admins (i.e., adding users to a user group in AD).”  and then “was the primary DBA for a number of years covering SQL7-SQL 2005. “)

What do you think about the discussion ?  And about the sql developer versus .net developer?