Asp.NET MVC, Jquery and Razor – Cascading dropdown, retrieving partial views, Json send objects, handling errors

There are many blogs and other posts on using jQuery with MVC. You can find individual posts on:

·         How to send objects to an action method via JavaScript.

·         How to retrieve partial views.

·         How to handle errors. mvc jquery razor cascading demo

I have written a sample showing how to do all of these together. The sample is written in  MVC 3 using Razor views

The sample demonstrates:

  1. Cascading dropdown ( see the button Populate from action and Cascading drop down)
  2. Populating a table from a Partial View(see the button Add New Employee(jquery call action and render)
  3. How to handle  error from action ( press Save 2 )
  4. How to send id parameters (long) from javascript to action ( press Delete 1 or Delete 2)
  5. How to send objects(Employee) from javascript to action ( press Save 1 or Save 2)

Without further ado, this is the project . Enjoy!

Jquery MVC Razor demo full

PS: If you seems that the code is too hard, here is a more detailed explanation :