Programmer retrospective – 2010

What have I done in 2010 ?
1. I started this blog in English( I have one in Romanian, too)

2. I have made a book (outdated) about ASP.NET MVC 2 tips and tricks , published on Amazon .
3. I have initiated a book about programming in VS2010 – alas, it’s in Romanian at

4. I have learned ASP.NET MVC by answering to the questions at 1146 and I have nominated moderator on ASP.NET forums.

5. I have made a project for Azure – it is call “backup” – a project that you can deploy on Azure and have abackup for your files – like Mozy or DropBox . It is here :
(and those are other mine projects on codeplex:

Change Data Capture Helper
IEnumerable – DataTable Exp…
vhd to boot entry
windows azure backup

It was a good year for me!

Hope it was for you too!