About programming – 7 points

So many times I see people saying : “I can not have time to follow the tutorials – but give me some fast acces to some tutorials that solve my problem”.

I have

  1. Programming is not about code – programming is about decisions that you do about what code to write.
  2. Programming can not be learned by one tutorial – find more , skip it the obvious and read more
  3. Programming is not an easy job to do : you must have  knowledge (about at least the language used), it takes divide et impera and many more (testing being the obvious forgotten one …)
  4. Programming is a self-continuing learning : the products that you are using change – and I am more productive today with VS 2010 (and .NET4 ) than I was with VB  3 ( although VB 3 was EXCELLENT for that times )
  5. Programming is about experience : you can learn from others , but from yours mistakes , things that worked and right things ( my least : error to not de-normalize tables…)
  6. Programming is about keeping happy your technical leader ( or, if you are the technical leader, the project manager) . And I advise you to being one if you can, to see their problems.
  7. Finally  – there is not a royal way to programming  – take your time and enjoy!