First Install of tools for programmer

My primary tools are Visual Studio ( and the Express suite) , Sql Server ( and SQL Server Management Studio )( and the Express suite) and Office (Excel, Word)

Those are the modification that I do every time … I wish there were enabled by default :

For VS2010

Go to=> Tools, Options , Html, Formatting ,Check “ Insert attribute value quotes when typing”


This saves me a lot of time , when I put : input type=”text” , the “  are inserted automatically.


Go to=> Tools, Options , Designers , uncheck “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation”


As a developer, I do modify tables … and this wont let me the first time …

For Excel, Word

Alt+F11 (Visual Basic Editor), Tools, Options, Editor Tab, uncheck “Auto syntax check”, check “require variable declaration”


“require variable declaration”  :This saves you a lot of time debugging or writing “Option Explicit” .

“Auto syntax check “ : I do not want a message box each time I do an error. The error is seen in red … no need for a Msgbox.

How about you, dear reader ? Do you have programs that require after installation modifying of options ?