.TT files and logging

This post is a continuation of http://msprogrammer.serviciipeweb.ro/2012/07/09/tt-files/

In this post I will present a simple method to have logging methods that are called – and, if you want , you can log the values of parameters too!

Let’s say you have this code in the GUI project


and you want to log the SaveNew method – maybe to see in how much time it is executed, or to see how many times is called or simply log the method.

I will use Convention over Configuration. I will log every method that begins with _On . So I will transform the

public static void SaveNew (Employee emp)


public static void _OnSaveNew(Employee emp)

Then the classLogging.tt file will intercept the _On method and add this

public static void SaveNew (Employee emp)
									System.Console.WriteLine(" before void _OnSaveNew (Employee emp)") ;
									catch(System.Exception ex)
										System.Console.WriteLine(" exception in void _OnSaveNew (Employee emp) " + ex.Message); 
										System.Console.WriteLine(" after void _OnSaveNew (Employee emp)  " ); 

( you can add anything you like it – since the code is in .tt file )

So the output will be:


The code can be downloaded from here
and the interesting part is classLogging.tt from TT_Repository project.

Enjoy the .tt!

.TT files

I want to make a blog series about what you can do with .tt files. I do not mean now what cen be generated from edmx( I have blogged about that at





I will start from a .tt template that will be analyzing a class( the ViewModel in MVC terms ) and then, starting from this template, I will generate:

  1. Loading the class from config file( web / app)
  2. Generating resx files for translating
  3. Generating help / tooltip
  4. Generating logging for all methods ( with an _On convention)
  5. Generating shallow copy for the class, saving the properties and an Interface ( usually  good for DI / Ioc)
  6. Generating

I expect your suggestions too. What do you have iteratively do in your development( MVC Winking smile ) more than one time for each ViewModel ( Model) class ?

( this is the .tt file)

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code complete 2

If you have not read this book, please stop what are you doing now and read it. After that, at the final, you will find another good reccomandations.

Now the summer holiday is coming – buy it , read it and discuss it.

powershell and clean iis

Sometimes it is necessary to remove IIS temp files from windows directory

So I have made this following script in powershell

iis reset

What it does:
restarts iis ( run as admin in Windows 7)

Cleans temporary folders from

$windir + “\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files”

$windir + “\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files”

Enjoy !(iis reset)

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