Programmer settings – Add shortcuts to “send to”

In this tip I will show how to add a “send to” notepad menu item(you can add for another programs too)

Please keyboard input [… Win-R]
Please keyboard input in “Run” [Enter]
Please right click on “Items View (list)” in “C:\Users\andrei ignat\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo”
Please left click on “New (menu item)”
Please left click on “Shortcut (menu item)”
Please keyboard input in “Create Shortcut” […]
Please left click on ” (push button)” in “Create Shortcut”
Please keyboard input in “Create Shortcut” […]
Please left click on “Finish (push button)” in “Create Shortcut”

Backup application for Windows Azure

I have written( with Vunvulea Radu and Catalin Gheorghiu)  a backup application for Azure. It is made with MVC + Azure Tables.

It was made initially for a contest, but I intend to work further and progress .

You can play at

The code source is on – and you can add also your feedback at

And , if you are a programmer, you can also improve it – just leave a comment on codeplex!

Thank you,

Programmer Settings – Winmerge

Please click Edit-Options



Please left click on "General (outline item)" in "Options (Shell Integration)"



Please left click on "Automatically scroll to first difference (check box)" in "Options (General)"



Please left click on "Disable Splash Screen (check box)" in "Options (General)"



Please left click on "Compare (outline item)" in "Options (General)"



Please left click on "Ignore blank lines (check box)" in "Options (Compare)"



Please left click on "Ignore case (check box)" in "Options (Compare)"



Please left click on "Ignore time differences less than 3 seconds (check box)" in "Options (Compare)"



Please left click on "Editor (outline item)" in "Options (Compare)"



Please left click on "Archive Support (outline item)" in "Options (Editor)"



Please left click on "Shell Integration (outline item)" in "Options (Archive Support)"



Please left click on "Add to context menu (check box)" in "Options (Shell Integration)"



Please left click on "Include subfolders by default (check box)" in "Options (Shell Integration)"



Please left click on "Add Shell menu to context menu (check box)" in "Options (Shell Integration)"



Please left click on "Enable advanced menu (check box)" in "Options (Shell Integration)"



Please left click on "OK (push button)" in "Options (Shell Integration)"



Jquery and multiple Ajax

I have had 2 occasions where I need to know when the ajax call have been finished:
  1. When in the beginning of page I have to load specific items that the user have been seen last time
  2. When the page was full with ajax call  – and there was also a “submit” button that should send the information (saved already ) that the user have finished entering the fields .
So – jquery have 2 methods: ajaxStart and ajaxStop.
Put 2 divs on the page :
<div id=”divWait” style=”display:none”> Please wait…</div>
<div id=”divOK” style=”display:none”> All data submitted</div>
And put this on javascript:
$(“#divWait”).ajaxStart(function() {
 $(“#divWait”).ajaxStop(function() {

Javascript hell

In 1997-200x days, when I have been programming in VB3-6 , there was a problem named ”DLL Hell”.

I have been hoping that, with the introduction of .NET, we will escaping this – and I have had my request answered( ok, from .NET 2 )

However, a new problem is for WebDevelopers : JavaScript Hell. Why I am telling that ? Simple :

  1. I have an application that works well in IE 8Star – and uses Json.Stringify to post data. Normally, when I was trying with IE7, it does not work – because JSON.Stringify was not allowed …Of course , solution was adding javascript from .
  2. Same application use jquery 1.4 + 1.1.2 (to can modify dynamically some textboxes) + other js( a date time formatter,jquery ui and others)- . Now , in IE9 RC , jquery1.4 does  not function – and you have to use jquery1.5.1.rc also.Please tell me how to know what modifications the other js files must have( in particular knockout) .

And the mock idea is not solving the issue. You must test either manually , either with an automated test for browser(like Selenium) and testing explicitely in browser version! And I have  speak only about IE, not Firefox and /or Chrome…

If you are a developer, how many javascript do you use? If more than 2 ,welcome to javascript hell!

Star : Please read the requirements from :


Starting with JScript 5.8, by default, the JScript scripting engine supports the language feature set as it existed in version 5.7. This is to maintain compatibility with the earlier versions of the engine. To use the complete language feature set of version 5.8, the Windows Script interface host has to invoke IActiveScriptProperty::SetProperty.

Internet Explorer 8 opts into the JScript 5.8 language features when the document mode for Internet Explorer 8 is “Internet Explorer 8 Standards” mode. For other document modes, Internet Explorer uses the version 5.7 feature set.

JScript 5.8 includes native JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) support and the accessor methods for Document Object Model (DOM) prototypes.

Asp.NET MVC, Jquery and Razor – Cascading dropdown, retrieving partial views, Json send objects, handling errors

There are many blogs and other posts on using jQuery with MVC. You can find individual posts on:

·         How to send objects to an action method via JavaScript.

·         How to retrieve partial views.

·         How to handle errors. mvc jquery razor cascading demo

I have written a sample showing how to do all of these together. The sample is written in  MVC 3 using Razor views

The sample demonstrates:

  1. Cascading dropdown ( see the button Populate from action and Cascading drop down)
  2. Populating a table from a Partial View(see the button Add New Employee(jquery call action and render)
  3. How to handle  error from action ( press Save 2 )
  4. How to send id parameters (long) from javascript to action ( press Delete 1 or Delete 2)
  5. How to send objects(Employee) from javascript to action ( press Save 1 or Save 2)

Without further ado, this is the project . Enjoy!

Jquery MVC Razor demo full

PS: If you seems that the code is too hard, here is a more detailed explanation :

Programmer Sql Server Management settings

Please left click on “Tools (menu item)” in “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio”
Please left click on “Tools (menu item)” in “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio”
Please left click on “Options… (menu item)” in “&Tools”
Please left click on “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation (check box)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Environment (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “At startup: (combo box)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Open Object Explorer and new query (list item)”
Please left click on “Text Editor (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Transact-SQL (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Line numbers (check box)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Query Execution (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Query Results (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “SQL Server (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “SQL Server (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Results to Grid (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Include column headers when copying or saving the results (check box)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Multiserver Results (outline item)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Add server name to the results (row)” in “Options”
Please left click on “Page down (push button)” in “Options”
Please left click on “OK (push button)” in “Options”