friday links 28

  1. project.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 600 pixels)
  2. Ardalis – Beyond Role Based Authorization in ASPNET MVC
  3. The Service Locator Pattern
  4. Brad Wilson: Task Parallel Library and Servers, Part 1: Introduction
  5. How WebAPI does Parameter Binding – Mike Stall’s .NET Debugging Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  6. VibrantCode – What’s new in Razor v2
  7. jQuery Menu: Dropdown, iPod Drilldown, and Flyout styles with ARIA Support and ThemeRoller Ready | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
  8. Stephen Forte`s Blog – Communication struggles at a small company
  9. Moment.js – A lightweight javascript date library
  10. leonidas/transparency
  11. Try Transparency
  12. The Big Glossary of Open Source JavaScript and Web Frameworks with Cool Names – Scott Hanselman
  13. Hello World Using JavaScript – Closure Tools — Google Developers
  14. Using Compression on Windows Phone 7.5 – Share-n-dipity – Site Home – TechNet Blogs
  15. Walkthrough: Creating an Asynchronous HTTP Handler
  16. Redesigning my blog for adaptive layout
  17. Demonstrating Responsive Design
  18. ASP.NET MVC: Add HTML5 Microdata to your applications using Metadata Providers – CodeProject®
  19. #Conspiracy – Romania, a surprise
  20. Siderite’s Blog: programming
  21. Decoupling Backbone Apps From WebSockets | :derick_bailey
  22. Html5 Offline Cache Integration with ASP.NET MVC Bundle – Kazi Manzur Rashid
  23. Consultancy and Hiring – Kazi Manzur Rashid
  24. ASP.NET MVC ViewModel usage and pick your best pattern – Kazi Manzur Rashid
  25. WPF RichText Editor – CodeProject®
  26. Be first + Be Smarter + Cheat = ???
  27. XAML to HTML Conversion Demo
  28. 15 Things People Absolutely Hate About Your Website
  29. 10 classic mistakes that plague software development projects | TechRepublic
  30. RSS & Atom MediaTypeFormatter for ASP.NET WebAPI | StrathWeb
  31. Golden Rule – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  32. Web Dev Report – 5 Things Web Developers Need to Know About CSS
  33. Computer Science 101 | Coursera
  34. First round playing with Memcached
  35. Beware of big Task Parallel Library Operations – Ayende @ Rahien
  36. When half a million Americans died and nobody noticed | News | The Week UK
  37. Consuming ASP.NET Web API Web Services with RestSharp In the trenches with .NET by Harvey Kandola
  38. restsharp/RestSharp
  39. HTTP Message Handlers : Official Microsoft Site
  40. So, you you want to write software?: Life Without Objects
  41. How we made our home page load faster – The Official DeskAway Blog
  42. Common.Logging and compatibility with other libraries – CodeProject®
  43. John Sheehan : The API Developer Experience Baseline
  44. JSIL – .NET to JavaScript compiler
  45. Brad Wilson: Task Parallel Library and Servers, Part 4: TaskHelpers
  46. Android fans: pay for your apps, please | PC Pro blog
  47. RIM To Developers: We’ll Make Sure Your App Earns At Least $10K In Its First Year | TechCrunch
  48. firstImpression.js: A micro-library for detecting new visitors – Ravelrumba by Rob Flaherty
  49. How to Market and Promote your Games and Apps Part 1/4 | Ray Wenderlich
  50. How to Market and Promote your Games and Apps Part 2/4 | Ray Wenderlich
  51. Why $7.99 beats $0.99 | Six to Start
  52. Enhanced ObservableCollection with ability to delay or disable notifications – CodeProject®
  53. Injecting method calls to existing methods of an assembly – CodeProject®
  54. Localization in ASP.NET MVC with Griffin.MvcContrib : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Forums
  55. Managing app lifecycle so your apps feel always alive – Windows 8 app developer blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  56. Creating a great tile experience (part 1) – Windows 8 app developer blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  57. Async/Await FAQ – Parallel Programming with .NET – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  58. Inbox Zero
  59. A Visual Browser History, from Netscape 4 to Mozilla Firefox – The Andrew Turnbull Mozilla Network
  60. ASP.NET MVC: Resolve or Inject? That’s the Issue…
  61. Why do web sites and software take so long to build? And why is it so hard? at Scott Porad
  62. OrmHate
  63. CQRS
  64. Clarified CQRS
  65. The Floppy Disk means Save, and 14 other old people Icons that don’t make sense anymore – Scott Hanselman
  66. Introducing the App Center – Facebook Developers

Some code

What you do not like about this code ? ( I have found 3 things – how many can you find?)

public static MyNewDocument  OpenDocument(string FileDocPath , out int codeError)

    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(FileDocPath) || !File.Exists(FileDocPath))
            codeError = 1;
            return null;

    MyNewDocument doc = null;
              doc = new MyNewDocument(FileDocPath);
              if (doc == null)
                    throw new Exception();
              codeError = 0;
              return doc;
              codeError = 2;
              return null;


Azure tools

Azure storage Explorer :  – like in VS , but simpler and cleaner

Windows Azure ASP.NET Providers Sample : – utils for fast membership and roles. Small problem on local.

More samples here:

And that will be all , after reading the documentation and understanding the concepts ( for example,if you understand the session problem in azure, then you will find a Session provider in the samples and use it)

Sometimes it’s difficult

I am a good contributor(+moderator) at  forums ( and I love MVC ). Sometimes it’s very difficult to stay calm . Let’s make an example:


[new programmer first post]

Hi I am new in ASP.NET mvc 3

I want to insert/modify collection on the page without refresh.

[ code for database first]

Now on create product View I want to add a composite in IList<Composite> Composites collection.



[My answer]

2 things here:
Modify a collection in MVC :

Send via ajax :


[new programmer answer after 4 ( FOUR!) minutes]

Hi ignatandrei

Thanks for the reply.

But I have no idea how to implement this thing.

can you give me a small example regarding this.

I have tried many times but not successed.


[My answer]

quoting “I have no idea how to implement this thing” from new programmer

What thing of the 2 I have shown you ?
More, I admire your fast reading if you read 2 tutorials(max 6  minutes)  so fast , download codes , reproduce and decide that you do not understand.


[new programmer]

Hello ignatandrei

I am sorry… The links which you have posted was not underlined/highlighted; so that’s why I thought  it were like suggentions. because of that misunderstanding I replied you back for demo application.



And then the usual combination of “ I am getting an error” – although my tutorial it handles errors – both from server side and communication side

However, when someone asks for help it is good to READ what other said – even it was suggestions…

And , as I say, sometimes it is difficult to stay calm. What have you answered?

friday links 25

  1. project.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 600 pixels)
  2. Mozilla Personas Gets a new Name (and it’s not BrowserID) – InternetNews.
  3. Windows Azure Task Scheduler | Shannon Whitley
  4. AlwaysOn Availability Groups (SQL Server)
  5. Debugging Tools for the .NET Developer — Visual Studio Magazine
  6. Hierarchies (trees) in SQL Server 2005 – Anthony Bloesch’s Web Log – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  7. WebAIM: Blog – History of the browser user-agent string
  8. Steve Clements
  9. Budism – Wikipedia
  10. The Pwn Plug is a little white box that can hack your network
  11. Peeling Back the Onion Architecture | Tony Sneed’s Blog
  12. Screening C# Candidates: Let’s Play 20 Questions! | Tony Sneed’s Blog
  13. patterns & practices – Windows Azure Guidance
  14. Do you monitor negative events? – Ayende @ Rahien
  15. Limit your abstractions: All cookies looks the same to the cookie cutter – Ayende @ Rahien
  16. Limit your abstractions: You only get six to a dozen in the entire app – Ayende @ Rahien
  17. Download: Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) – Microsoft Download Center – Download Details
  18. – ASP.NET WebAPI Security 2: Identity Architecture
  19. ASP.NET Web API: web hosting « Pedro Félix’s shared memory
  20. ASP.NET Web API Processing Architecture « Pedro Félix’s shared memory
  21. Richardson Maturity Model
  22. Optimizing apps for cloud | Vector | Channel 9
  23. 10 Facts About Working at a Startup vs. a Big Company | Surf Roots, Software Thoughts
  24. MvcScaffolding: Creating custom scaffolders – Steve Sanderson’s blog – As seen on YouTube™
  25. Creating Zip archives in .NET (without an external library like SharpZipLib) – Jon Galloway
  26. The top 9+7 things every programmer or architect should know – Java Code Geeks
  27. Zen in the art of IT: Top 7 of 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know
  28. jQuery Mobile Tutorial: Creating a Restaurant Picker Web App
  29. Android push notification implementation using ASP.NET and C# – CodeProject®
  30. Home Automation with Netduino and Kinect – CodeProject®
  31. Great Developers – SQLServerCentral
  32. Great People Are Overrated (Part II) – Bill Taylor – Harvard Business Review
  33. 5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person |
  34. Scripting ASP.NET MVC Views Stored In The Database
  35. 10 favorite freeware tools for IT pros | TechRepublic
  36. Troy Hunt: Browsing the broken web: a software developer behind the Great Firewall of China
  37. Internet Explorer 6 Countdown | Death to IE 6 | IE6 Countdown
  38. Journey of a Software Developer | Detecting Session Timeouts using a ASP.Net MVC Action Filter
  39. Journey of a Software Developer | UrlMappings — An ASP.NET feature I forgot about
  40. Journey of a Software Developer | A little fun with T4 Templates
  41. Responsive web design in 3 minutes 42 seconds – thebeebs – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  42. Open plan offices must die! – Rogish Reading Writing
  43. The Starter, the Architect, the Debugger and the Finisher |
  44. What’s New In The .NET Internationalization Source Code
  45. Domain-driven design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  46. GRASP (object-oriented design) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  47. A Generic ASP.NET MVC Template
  48. Alex Davies : Why lock-free data structures just aren’t lock-free enough
  49. Tony Davis : Concurrent Affairs
  50. MIX Online: Adventures With Windows Azure Diagnostics
  51. Introducing Windows Azure Diagnostics – Windows Azure – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  52. Initializing the Windows Azure Diagnostic Monitor and Configuring Data Sources
  53. Windows Azure Hosted Web Core Worker Role – Home
  54. Populate Excel Template : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Forums
  55. Improving Launch Performance for Your Desktop Applications – .NET Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  56. WURFL: An Essential Mobile Website Technology – Page 3
  57. Stop solving problems you don’t yet have | this is
  58. Design Staff – Story-centered design: hacking your brain to think like a user
  59. Sam’s ultimate web performance tool and resource list
  60. Creative Studio exclusively for Nokia – Nokia Conversations : the official Nokia blog
  61. Writing Android Programs with HTML and JavaScript – CodeProject®
  62. ADO.NET Interview Questions: Part 1 – CodeProject®
  63. The Daily Status Meeting | SQLAndy
  64. Jef Claes: How a web application can download and store over 2GB without you even knowing it
  65. Functional Fizz Buzz
  66. I’m a Junior Developer – You probably are too – Diary Of A Ninja
  67. 8 Must-Have Tools for Windows Phone 7 Development – Diary Of A Ninja
  68. ASP.Net HttpModule to detect and redirect mobile devices version 2.0 – Diary Of A Ninja
  69. Localization in ASP.NET MVC with Griffin.MvcContrib – CodeProject®
  70. Find Customers Who Bought A and B But Not C (SQL Spackle) – SQLServerCentral
  71. TekPub – High-quality screencasts for programmers.
  72. Securing your ASP.NET MVC 4 App and the new AllowAnonymous Attribute – Ricka on MVC and related Web Technologies – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  73. 5 things to learn about ASP.NET MVC 4
  74. Simple GTD Startup | RestartGTD
  75. Outlook Blog – Developing a provider for the Outlook Social Connector version 1.1
  76. Quick Steps for Learning to Develop a Provider
  77. Building the Sample Provider
  78. Outlook Sample: Outlook Social Connector Provider – Home
  79. Welcome to the Outlook Social Connector 1.1 Provider Reference
  80. PCL & Azure How-To: Using Portable Class Libraries and AppFabric Service Bus To Create a Continuous Client — Visual Studio Magazine
  81. Event Sourcing
  82. Free Databases in the Window Azure Marketplace — Visual Studio Magazine
  83. Publishing | Windows Azure Marketplace
  84. Forget Improvements — Systems Management Needs a New Approach — Enterprise Systems
  85. Seth’s Blog: Email checklist
  86. Blogs > “Done”. “Done Done”. When is a feature really done?
  87. Top 10 Best Practice Links for using C# with Windows 8 – Secret Microsoft Communications – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  88. Rethink your Startup Website: Make a Net, not a Funnel
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  92. Looking for a .NET Developer in Bucharest for one of the players in the IT field. Know anyone? | LinkedIn
  93. Looking for two skilled .NET developers | LinkedIn
  94. Dream Team Software Cauta Programator | LinkedIn
  95. ComponentSource Software Publisher & ISV Program Overview
  96. Download: CLR Profiler 4 – Microsoft Download Center – Download Details
  97. I don’t hire unlucky people – raganwald’s posterous
  98. The Lean Publishing Manifesto – Leanpub
  99. Adobe WebUp #4 – Eventbrite
  100. Logging UI for Vista v1.1 Released : Tobin Titus Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
  101. Logging UI for IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista : Community : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
  102. Index of /documents/books/csadv
  103. SET CONTEXT_INFO (Transact-SQL)
  104. Storing ASP.NET MVC Controllers & Views in separate assemblies
  105. How to: Read From Fixed-width Text Files in Visual Basic
  106. Selling Data in the Windows Azure Marketplace — Visual Studio Magazine
  107. 18 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of March 2012
  108. Make .NET performance problems a thing of the past
  109. PHP: a fractal of bad design – fuzzy notepad
  110. danielcrenna/i18n
  111. Make Async Your Buddy With Reactive Extensions
  112. Using Reactive Extensions for Streaming Data from Database – About My Code
  113. Building Expression Evaluator with Expression Trees in C# – Part 3 – About My Code
  114. The Programming Languages Beacon

Sample Kinect application

Made my first application for Kinect. It was just a combination of multiple other source code + EF4.3 for SqlServer Compact 4.0 ( to can have a database without pain of installing).

As learning:

  1. The audio recognition does not work very well.
  2. It was fun to write
  3. Do not make an action for each joint movement – it is overwhelming for Kinect
  4. If you approach Kinect device perpendicular ( such as line of shoulders is perpendicular  to Kinect) it does not recognize you.


The application makes a simple thing:

You can use them to photo the thiefs that comes after you left the house.
Just press “Capture” (or make a circle with the right hand) and after a timeout( set in option) the application will register, via Kinect, any new human move.It will save to the
<user profile> AppData\Roaming\Pictures  and, if configured , to a website ( more details later this month).


Download from here if you have a Kinect device

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