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  1. New cool list of Linux must-have programs
  2. calvin.jpg (JPEG Image, 900×628 pixels)
  3. Google App Inventor – CodeProject
  4. My 3 Favorite Connection String Tips | Brent Ozar PLF | Brent Ozar PLF
  5. Fast Track to the Mobile App – Windows Phone App Design Challenge by Core77
  6. Author information in search results – Webmaster Tools Help
  7. NuGet – Manage Project Libraries with NuGet
  8. Ubuntu One : Downloads : Windows : More Info
  9. mvc-mini-profiler – A simple but effective mini-profiler for ASP.NET and WCF – Google Project Hosting
  10. Home // Think Like (a) Git
  11. On Programming Deadlines – Randall Degges
  12. A List Apart: Articles: Dark Patterns: Deception vs. Honesty in UI Design
  13. I am a programmer |
  14. Roach Motel – Dark Patterns
  15. Store / Xamarin
  16. Extending DataTables Range Filter – CodeProject
  17. Rapid Prototyping For Any Device With Foundation – Smashing Coding
  18. ASP.NET MVC: Expression Trees as Parameter to Simplify Query – CodeProject
  19. 4.3 Scripting — HTML Standard
  20. HTML Parsing with JavaScript –
  21. JavaScript in the small | Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity
  22. Extension Method to help with EF Code First updating – CodeProject
  23. nVLC – CodeProject
  24. Getting Started: Syntax Analysis
  25. WCF Data Services Providers – CodeGuru
  26. How To Successfully Compete With Open Source Software
  27. Why I’m Done Making Desktop Applications: MicroISV on a Shoestring
  28. Work Less, Get More Done: Analytics For Maximizing Productivity | Kalzumeus Software
  29. Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice | Kalzumeus Software
  30. Developers and Professionalism – Girl Developer
  31. Building HTML5 Applications – Better Web Forms with HTML5 Forms
  32. shanselman / Psuedoizer / overview — Bitbucket
  33. Globalization, Internationalization and Localization in ASP.NET MVC 3, JavaScript and jQuery – Part 1 – Scott Hanselman
  34. NuGet gallery
  35. galaktor’s blawg
  36. Setup – App Inventor for Android

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  1. Make Your Own Windows 8 Tablet with Off-the-Shelf Gear
  2. Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done
  3. Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips
  4. Implementing the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns in an ASP.NET MVC Application (9 of 10): The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
  5. Thirty-Six Stratagems – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile Features: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
  7. free – List of freely available programming books – Stack Overflow
  8. Managing Transaction Logs – SQLServerCentral
  9. Workflow icons | Icon Search Engine | 1
  10. A Coder Interview With John Simmons – CodeProject
  11. Custom SSMS Shortcuts for ETL Developer. Part 1: SELECT in a Keystroke – SQLServerCentral
  12. Taskos To Do List | Task List – Android Market
  13. Shazam – Android Market
  14. Tech HQ » Blog Archive » Top 25 Must Have Android Apps
  15. xkcd: Random Number
  16. ASP.NET MVC 4: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
  17. The Weekly Source Code 37 – Geolocation/Geotargeting (Reverse IP Address Lookup) in ASP.NET MVC made easy – Scott Hanselman
  18. A tale of two viewports — part two
  19. SQLServerCentral
  20. Using the HTML5 and jQuery UI Popup Calendar with ASP.NET MVC – Ricka on MVC and related Web Technologies – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  21. Download Details – Microsoft Download Center – ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer Preview
  22. A Faster Get-Content Cmdlet — Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online
  23. YouTrack :: Download
  24. Continuous Testing: Think Different — Visual Studio Magazine
  25. Advanced Task Parallel Library Continuations – CodeGuru
  26. Extending the ASP.NET error page (show me the SQL edition)
  27. A Coder Interview With Marc Clifton – CodeProject
  28. Organizational Charts | Bonkers World
  29. Using the HTML5 and jQuery UI Datepicker Popup Calendar with ASP.NET MVC – Part 1: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
  30. Programming Isn't Fun Any More
  31. Using Powershell to run Excel macro on all files of sharepoint document library – – Powershell Scripts, Tips and Resources
  32. Best Free Computer Chess
  33. Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps
  34. Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software
  35. Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
  36. Become a Good Programmer in Six Really Hard Steps –
  37. Internet Security: Top Ten Most Influential Programming Books of All Time
  38. The .Net community and the negative view on assembly references | Dru Sellers
  39. Why CRUD might be what they want, but may not be what they need | Ian Cooper
  40. 10 Papers Every Programmer Should Read (At Least Twice)
  41. HTML5 snippet : CSS3 transition text glow on mouse over
  42. HOW TO: Spruce Up a Boring Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]
  43. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Introducing Rich Snippets
  44. Thing –
  45. – Getting Started
  46. Microformat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  47. NuGet Package Explorer extension: open dlls with ILSpy
  48. Introduction To jQuery Mobile
  49. The Importance (and Ease) of Minifying your CSS and JavaScript and Optimizing PNGs for your Blog or Website – Scott Hanselman
  50. Scalable Datastores
  51. Using the .NET Stopwatch class to Profile Your Code | C# Help
  52. C#er : IMage: Properties or Fields?
  53. A Brief Introduction of Fundamental OOP
  54. Extending a C# Application Through a Scripted DLR Language — Visual Studio Magazine
  55. Introduction to Databases
  56. Script Junkie | CSS3 Animation With jQuery Fallbacks
  57. A Coder Interview With Sacha Barber – CodeProject
  58. Class Member Encapsulation in JavaScript: Advanced Data Hiding Techniques
  59. A Calculation Engine for .NET – CodeProject
  60. IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain – 18 Aug 2011 – Computing News
  61. Linus Torvalds’s Lessons on Software Development M… – Input Output
  62. Palantir Technologies » Blog Archive » How to Rock an Algorithms Interview
  63. Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation
  65. Raw Materials – Mediocrity Defended – SQLServerCentral
  66. PDF reporting using ASP.NET MVC3 – CodeProject
  67. License – ikvm
  68. Serializing models for RouteValueDictionary and later model binding |
  69. A new breed of magic strings in ASP.NET MVC | Jimmy Bogard's Blog
  70. Simple reads with Entity Framework |
  71. Building forms for deep View Model graphs in ASP.NET MVC | Jimmy Bogard's Blog
  72. Simple ASP.NET MVC object serializer « …meie igapäevast IT’d anna meile igapäev…
  73. Marc Andreessen on Why Software Is Eating the World –
  74. .NET DEVELOPER, BUCURESTI, Software / Calculatoare, Management, Programare, Audit / Consultanta – BestJobs
  75. How To Make An eBook – Smashing Magazine
  76. calibre – About
  77. Frequently Asked Questions — calibre User Manual
  78. Harta Romania | Harta Judetelor Romania | Orase din Romania
  79. Collectible Assemblies for Dynamic Type Generation
  80. Using 51Degrees.Mobi Foundation for accurate mobile browser detection on ASP.NET MVC 3 – Steve Sanderson’s blog – As seen on YouTube™
  81. Stairway to SQL Server Indexes: Level 9, Reading Query Plans – SQLServerCentral
  82. Brain, Bytes, Back, Buns – The Programmer's Priorities – Scott Hanselman
  83. Everything SQL Server Compact: SQL Compact 3rd party tools
  84. Entity Framework 4.1: Inheritance (7) « Vincent-Philippe Lauzon's blog
  85. The DslTextTransform Command
  86. Oleg Sych – » .Config File Transformation
  87. Walkthrough: Debugging a Text Template that Accesses a Model
  88. How to authenticate against the Active Directory by using Forms authentication and Visual C# .NET
  89. Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication

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