Extended License Agreement

This Agreement contains all the terms of the License Agreement and no terms may be added or deleted unless they are in writing and signed by an authorized representative of each Party. In the event of any contradiction between the conditions contained in this Agreement and the conditions contained in an order or other letter sent by the Customer, the terms of this Agreement shall apply. Advanced multi-seat licensing: Well, if you need to upload the image to more than one computer or network that your team shares The first collective extended licensing laws (ECLs) were introduced in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (Nordic countries) in the 1960s. Committees in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden reviewed copyright legislation with the participation of Iceland and proposed the ECL for the use of copyrighted literary and musical works in radio and television broadcasts. In the following years, the ECL was extended to other copyrighted works and areas of use, including the reuse of shipments through retransfusion, on-demand services, and mass annualization by libraries. [2] Sensitive Use License: Permits the use of content in a manner that would otherwise be prohibited or limited under Section 3(m). This license requires the express permission of the photographer and the model(s) in the content to be granted and must be negotiated by contacting Stocksy directly at [email protected] Please allow additional time when purchasing this license, as obtaining the necessary permissions and signatures may result in delays. I`m sure you think, “If I don`t have to worry about money, what else can I take care of?” Good question. Canva`s license agreements are important to you because they inform you of restrictions in the use of designs you have created on their platform. The trade-off on using Canva (as with any other website) is that you have to abide by its rules. The difference between this license and the license without a license is that you still have the limit of 250,000 reproductions, but you can install (or download) the stick image in more than one place (hence “Multi-Seat”). You can read the rest of the advanced multi-seat license details here. Authors, performing artists, publishers and producers are well organised in the Nordic countries and collecting societies have a high number of members.

In many cases, collecting societies cooperate to propose common licensing agreements. According to Daniel Gervais, this is an ideal condition for the collective management of copyright and related rights by the ECL. [3] While ECL laws and agreements vary from Nordic country to Nordic country depending on the nature of the works and areas of use protected by copyright, the Nordic model has the following characteristics:[4] ECL is a form of collective management in which ECL laws allow freely negotiated copyright licensing agreements for exclusive rights conferred by copyright. ECL laws are designed specifically for mass use, where it is not possible to negotiate directly with individual copyright holders due to their volume. In accordance with ecL law, collecting societies negotiate ECL agreements on behalf of their members and not on behalf of their members, as ecL law allows collecting societies to conclude ecL agreements on behalf of all rightholders in the category of rightholders representing the collecting society. Once the collecting society and the user, z.B. a television channel that has negotiated an ECL agreement enters into force and covers only the types of works protected by copyright for the uses indicated in the ECL license. [1] In real life, you don`t have to worry about it, because these other elements: stick images, fonts, etc.