Crane Rental Agreement Local 955

Founded in 1948, Local 955 is one of the largest IUOE residents in North America. We are the largest union to support lifting, portable and stationary operators in Alberta. If you are interested in our bridge disease, please call Sheryl at 306-653-1250 at 6 (i) company representatives – cranes 1) Members who operate crane vehicles owned by company representatives and/or dependent contractors will be compensated as company drivers. 2) Representatives will advertise/sell the company`s fleet of trucks, consisting of: – ankle arrows and rigid trucks 3) Representatives will call customers all orders directly to shipping. (4) The crane vehicles required for work orders resulting from site evaluations submitted by the sales representative shall be determined by the transit requirements agreed in this memorandum. The contractors in question receive 100% (100%) of the gross turnover for each fuel surcharge invoiced to the customer. Claims are processed as follows: Crane Truck Addendum Page 6 of 9 Contractor Lease Agreement This agreement is effective as of today, 201_ @ _: (am/pm) from and between, designated as contractor, resident, and Lippe located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Local offers its members numerous benefits through collective agreements. Local representatives and staff from the 870s are experienced, caring and committed. Saskatchewan Building Trades and Local 870 are organizing a dress action to help our local communities during these challenging times. We ask members to clean and pack all items they no longer want and distribute them in the lobby in October.

SCREEN ACTORS GUILD-AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TELEVISION AND RADIO ARTISTS TELEVISION ANIMATION AGREEMENT This agreement (agreement) entered into from the date below by and between Screen Actors If you are an apprentice crane operator or crane operator and have not yet received your crane rental word, please contact the lobby. I acknowledge and agree with the seller as follows: PART II. GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. Universal Convention These terms and conditions and the registration form together form the agreement with the seller (my members help Alberta succeed. They are the backbone of our oil, mining, construction and transportation industries. They build and maintain roads, pipelines and refineries in our cities. We work with over 100 agreements across Alberta. 4 The employer undertakes to pay 50% of the future cost increase to the contribution plan for salaried contractors and 100% for workers.

Dependent contractors These contributions are financed 50% by the employer and 50% by the dependent contractor. As of May 1, 2012, the total amount of the salaried contractor`s contributions will be seven dollars and thirty-nine cents ($7.39) per hour. As of May 1, 2013, the total amount of the salaried contractor`s contributions will be increased to seven dollars and seventy-six cents ($7.76) per hour. As of May 1, 2014, the total contributions of the salaried contractor will be increased to eight dollars and twenty-nine cents ($8.29) per hour. . . .