Israel Jordan Peace Agreement

“In the medium and long term, however, I think it is in danger. Jordan and Israel could reach a point where the agreement is no longer valuable.┬áJordan`s signing of a peace treaty with Israel and other issues was greeted with contempt by Syrian President Hafez al-Assad. [18] In December 1995, the CIA provided the king with a detailed report in which he warned of a Syrian plot to assassinate him and his brother Hassan. [18] A month later, the CIA sent another report to Hussein to warn Jordan of Iraqi attacks on Western targets in Jordan in order to undermine Jordan`s security because of its support for the Iraqi opposition. [18] In Israel, Shimon Peres of the Left Workers` Party and Benyamin Netanyahu of the right-wing party fought for the post of Prime Minister. [18] Hussein`s popularity in Israel had peaked after the signing of the peace treaty, and he was expected to express his support for a candidate. [18] Hussein initially remained neutral, but later spoke out in favour of Netanyahu. [18] Efraim Halevy, then head of the Israeli secret service (Mossad), claims that Hussein preferred Netanyahu to Peres because he was deeply suspicious of Peres. [19] In the Israeli parliamentary elections of 29 May 1996, Netanyahu stagnated. [18] The bilateral talks between Israel and Jordan launched at the Madrid conference lasted nearly two years in Washington, until the signing of the Israeli-Jordanian Joint Agenda on 14 September 1993. The Common Agenda was the plan of the peace treaty, which included security, water, refugees and displaced persons, borders and territorial issues. King Abdullah II “considers peace between Palestinians and Israelis as the cornerstone of peace and stability in our region and around the world,” Majali added, stressing that the king considers Israeli-Palestinian peace a top priority.

In Jordanian public opinion, the Wadi Araba Treaty has always been viewed to a large extent with resentment and suspicion. “It`s a cold peace and our relationship is getting colder,” Hussein`s son and heir, King Abdullah II, acknowledged in an interview a decade ago. Although Amman is furious with Israeli policy on the Temple Mount and the Jordan Valley, the peace treaty is not directly threatened, Rantawi said. For Jordan, the elimination of a threat from Israel allows for the focus on managing regional threats (such as Syria.B) and internal issues (such as maintaining stability amid challenges to the legitimacy of the monarchy, especially by the kingdom`s large Palestinian population). In addition to risk reduction, the agreement also helps to promote cooperation within the framework of common regional interests.