Aberdeen City Council Tenancy Agreement

If you`ve never lived on a council property, you may have a few questions about what will happen if you are selected for a housing offer and what you are asked to do as soon as you move in. It is helpful to plan ahead and think about your rights and obligations as a tenant, your budget for expenses such as rent, council tax, gas and/or electricity bills, settlement, cost of living, etc., and understand what the Council needs to do as a landlord to help you with your tenancy agreement. You can terminate your lease in one of the following ways: Remember before you leave the facility to contact your gas and/or electricity supplier to agree final readings until the date of the extract. You should also make sure that your phone is separated and that your email is forwarded to your new address. The co-tenants are responsible for all responsibilities under the lease. The two tenants are jointly and individually responsible for rents and possible rent arrears. If we think a tenant has abandoned the property, we will fire the tenant for four weeks to tell us if they intend to occupy the property. Subsequently, a second notice is issued informing the tenant that his tenancy agreement will be suspended eight weeks after the date of the second termination. If you have made any changes or improvements with our permission, you may be entitled to compensation at the end of your rent, in accordance with the rules governing these regulations. We also have the power, even if those rules do not allow you to make a discretionary payment. You must tell us if you normally live with your husband, wife or partner, as we also need their consent. Please complete a termination notice containing relevant information, including your future address. We will let you know what you need to do before you leave and what we need to do.

The termination date of your lease is 28 days schedule from the date of receipt of your written notification. In certain circumstances, we may have a termination date of less than 28 days. In cases where the tenant is no longer able to terminate his tenancy agreement, for example. B when moving to a residential complex, the lease can only be terminated by a warrant or intervention decision. If we receive a notification of your intention to draw an excerpt, we write to you that you validate the termination date of your lease. We will also ask you to evacuate the house and forward all key phrases to your local housing office until 10:00 a.m. on the agreed date. If you are an individual tenant and you want to add another person to the rental agreement, you both have to sign a new lease. If you buy your property from us, your lease expires on the day of the transfer of ownership to the property itself. We will tell you when this will happen. You must pay rent and other payments up to that date. We may also obtain an order for your disposal of your property, pursuant to Section 14 of the Housing Act (Scotland) 2001 on one of the grounds of schedule 2.

For example, if you violate your tenancy terms by: If you transfer to another rental agreement in Aberdeenshire, you do not have to set 28 days. If you accept a consulting lease, you must sign a Scottish lease. This document describes the rights and obligations we have as owners and you as tenants. It might be useful to take a look through the document provided here: if the keys are available, you will have the opportunity to see the property with a housing agent, after which you have 48 hours to decide if you want to accept it. When the repair and maintenance checks are completed, you are asked to go to the relevant borough office and sign your rental contract. It sets out the rules and responsibilities of a lease so that you understand what you are being asked to do as a tenant and what is required by Aberdeen City Council as a landlord.