Change Data Capture & Temporal tables Helper


Technical details


This is program is a Change Data Capture(CDC) and Temporal Table Helper. It is wrote mainly of two

  1. Having a GUI for
  2. Having a GUI for
    Temporal Tables


The main functions of the program:

  1. Enables Change Data Capture/Temporal Table on table bases
    By trying to enable CDC on a table

    1. Verifying SQL Server version and, if OK (>=2008) starting SQL Server Agent if stopped
    2. Enabling the database for CDC
    3. Enabling CDC on selected table

    For Temporal Tables it verifies SQL Server Version(>=2016) and executes sql on table accordingly to MSDN

  2. Lists the CDC / Temporal data modifications on table – and saves to HTML ( for excel please send me an email)

Known limitations

  1. Enables CDC / Temporal only on tables that have a sigle column PK identity


The Gui for Windows
is pretty simple

You can connect to a server, then to a database. Then by clicking a table it allows
you to change CDC and/or to see the modifications.

Please take into account “Create Test Table” button. It creates a test table ,inserts
1 row, enables CDC/Temporal on this table, make some modifications in order to ensure show
the functionality of this program.

The print data button shows you the report in HTML . For Excel/PDF please send ne an email.

Technical details

The project is organized in

  1. one dll that extends the SQL Server Object (server, database, table) with CDC
  2. Windows GUI

Main improvements in final version

  1. Read/Modify the cleanup date
  2. Pre-fetch CDC for tables
  3. Ensure proper way to verify SQL Server Agent is starting.Now reads from SQL Server processes and starts from services…
  4. Exception for non-administrator roles

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