ASP.NET MVC Tips and Tricks ebook

I am a fan of ASP.NET MVC . So I wrote a mini e-book with Tips and Tricks that helped me as a developer in ASP.NET MVC.

You can buy the book from Amazon,

and please put your comments/feedback here or at Amazon site.

If you buy this book and send me an email at, I offer you 1 hour of programming/consulting in .NET

Thank you!

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  1. Ram

    Hi ignatandrei;

    I am having a problem i am trying to replicate the example shown in the link below using Access Database. Can you please help me what change I need to do. I am completly new to web development. Am a windows developer.



  2. admin

    My dear
    send me the email with your receipt from Amazon.
    Else, please post on forums

  3. Nice Sir, you made me your fan :) Love you..

  4. Ed

    Hi Sir,

    I am very new to MVC4 i want to write a controller/class that will retrieve data from certain SQL (Client.db)columns and send an email to the receptionist.

  5. Atif

    I want to develop a webpage in database in sql server 2008. How i make a SaleIvoice page. How use a gridview control to store user input data as itemcode,quantity and rate into grideview.After completing the invoice user click on save data of gridview store into sql server 2008 database.

  6. fahim

    i want trip for ASP.NET MVC for how to design and write code . so please help me. my email id


    i want to learn full for development level

  8. Sir

    Hello sir,
    How can I get the free hour consultant for free?


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