Friday links 485

  1. (10) Kate Lister on Twitter: “How old were you when you realised your original plan of being really nice, working really hard, & taking on much more than you should in the hope you would be automatically rewarded for this without asking, was totally shit?” / Twitter
  2. The end of open source? | TechCrunch
  3. WiFi Card
  4. bndw/wifi-card: Print a QR code for connecting to your WiFi (
  5. GitHub Next | Visualizing a codebase
  6. Visualizing Codebases
  7. kant2002/SourceGeneratorsKit: Utility library for faster writing source generators
  8. How to install .NET Core on your Remarkable 2 e-Ink tablet with Remarkable.NET – Scott Hanselman’s Blog
  9. reHackable/awesome-reMarkable: A curated list of projects related to the reMarkable tablet
  10. Open for extension, closed for modification as an architectural pattern – Ayende @ Rahien