Stamp Duty On Arbitration Agreement In Delhi

The raison d`ĂȘtre of the principle of the salvatoriale clause is to ensure that defects that threaten the existence of the material contract (such as: lack of consent, incorrect signature, etc.) do not hinder the appeal to an arbitration agreement. The very purpose of separability is therefore to deal with situations similar to those that arose in Garware. . It appears from the recordings that there is a dispute over the payment of stamp duty on the Annex E document, referred to as the “order”, which contains the above-mentioned arbitration clause. Although. Appointment of the individual arbitrator in accordance with clause-18 of the empty order Annexure-F of 11.02.2016. 3. Clause-18 of said order, which is an arbitration procedure. The clause is as follows: – 318. Arbitration: in the event of questions, disputes or disputes that arise between us with regard to compliance with the conditions set out therein.