It will be interesting to have a middleware of .NET Core that can record the name of the visitors in order to see what are the latest visitors of your site .

What will be the uses ?

  1. See when the people has visiting your site
  2. See the latest visitors
  3. If you have a site for mobile and a site for web , prevent multiple logins
  4. Fun 😉

What characteristics should have ?

  1. Record visitors
  2. Make an endpoint – recordVisitors/AllVisitors5Min to see the latest visitors as JSON
  3. Let the programmer choose how to obtain  the name of the visitor  ( via Forms, , AD Identity, JWT,  Azure , OAUTH…)
    1. Choose a default to work fast
  4. Let the programmer choose his variant of persisting ( SqlServer, Mongo , Sqlite, CSV… ) where to be recorded
    1. Choose a default  to work fast
    2. Make as an event to intercept and  add additional details

Now let’s see what is for the programming!