Una Collective Agreement Pay Scale

In almost all public sector governments, this works. You have pay scales for the position you are in. Depending on the additional qualifications or professional qualifications, there are different pay scales. This seems to be a fairly normal union agreement. On the other hand, we could be like the United Kingdom and lay off a large part of our unionized employees for less skilled free market workers. It only has the effect that hospital staff work harder for less money and have negative effects on patients` health. But it`s cheaper! I haven`t exhausted my salary yet. It`s going to happen in Grade 9, where I`m going to make almost $110,000. This does not include all the benefits paid by employers and, until then, we will have another collective agreement that will increase that maximum salary (and therefore my maximum salary). The United Nurses of Alberta says it began contract negotiations with AHS this week to replace the current contract, which expires on March 31. I was explicit enough to talk only about myself, not all employees. I didn`t think anyone would make that generalization.

The union`s love of talking about the lack of annual increases, which they don`t talk about, is the step that most employees receive each year. “When the union complains about part-time care centres, they are separated from their employees who are applying for part-time employment.” Nurses also go to school for four years and are the first people to see patients. It`s an incredibly demanding job, and they should be well paid, given the amount of work they do and the exhausting and exhausting it can be. Alberta nurses have repeatedly complained about the high workload, which is compounded by understaffing. “We are very concerned about the behavior of this government in these negotiations,” Harrigan said in a statement on Wednesday. AHS says its proposal adapts compensation to the economic realities Alberta faces and the need to maximize health care for services to people in the communities it serves. The point of my intervention was to say that my salary has increased in 4 years more than some people do in an entire year. The unions say we will not get a pay increase, that is true if we do not count the annual no-step increases. They do not tell the whole story. The union says the AHS bargaining committee says its proposal is based on what it calls the Ontario West standard. But you are right, the security of a job in the public sector is a good thing. I recently thought about changing jobs (in a private body), but then I thought twice when the oil started to fall.

I`m pretty high on the totem-pol in AHS (for my department) then low on totem-pol at a private company (at that time). The union that represents registered nurses in the province says Alberta Health Services is calling for a four-year wage freeze and a withdrawal of other payments. Certainly not an angry trade unionist, I have never really interacted with them, and the $700 they take in union fees is a small percentage of my salary. I work with many, many nurses, and I would say that many prefer less than full time. Many are moms and love the 0.6, 0.4 lines. When the union complains about part-time care centres, they are separated from their employees who apply for part-time employment. It sounds like an angry unionist, who is upset that the union accepts its fees, or like a government pr-report piece about how nasty unions are.