Paytm Merchant Agreement

12.5. ASSIGNMENT: The seller has no right to give up this contract without the prior written consent of Paytm Ecommerce. Paytm Ecommerce still reserves the right to transfer the services provided by paytm Ecommerce under this agreement for the remainder of the agreement to one of its selected subsidiaries, associated companies, to associated companies, and there would be no new agreement between the new purchaser and the seller on the services provided by Pay Ecotmmmerce under this agreement. However, Paytm Ecommerce will notify the seller either through a communication on the platform, or by email or by a written notification from the seller. This agreement applies and binds all rights holders or approved beneficiaries of the transfers of the contracting parties. Read also: Paytm says no to cashbacks in P2P transactions, encourages offline distributors Paytm, SoftBank and Alibaba Group, has advised its customers to use debit cards and UPI to pay merchants or other service providers who do not absorb credit card fees and expect customers to pay the same. 12.10. SEVERABILITY: If a part or provision of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that part or provision of the Agreement has no bearing on the validity or applicability of the other provisions of this Agreement. 5.9. In the event of a product return due to the non-delivery of the product or a request for return/exchange from the customer, the Seller accepts all returns regardless of the status of the shipment.

The procedure for returning the product and the procedures for refund/refund/dispute resolution are governed by the conditions and guidelines set out in 12.13. AMENDMENT: Paytm Ecommerce may, at any time, change the terms and conditions of this contract, including schedules and paytm e-commerce policies, at its sole discretion, by analysing the seller by communicating on the seller`s panel and/or sending an email to the electronic identifier listed in the seller`s registration form.