This Agreement Shall Be Valid

5.8. The subcontractor and the person in charge of the processing cooperate, on request, with the supervisory authority in carrying out their duties. To the extent that the person in charge of the processing is subject to control by the supervisory authority, an administrative offence or criminal procedure, a liability of a person or a third party or any other claim related to the processing of orders or processing by the subcontractor, the subcontractor endeavours to assist the responsible person. 5.10. The subcontractor is required to remove test and scrap materials on a case-by-case basis in accordance with existing data protection laws on the instruction of the processing manager. In some cases, the subcontractor hands this material over to the processing manager at the request of the processing manager or stores it on behalf of the processing manager. 11.2 If a provision of this agreement or part of it were to be inoperative or subsequently inoperative, the effectiveness of the other provisions would not be affected. The provision in question is replaced by a provision that reflects as accurately as possible the economic purpose of the ineffective provision. The above provisions apply by analogy when a provision has been accidentally omitted. 5.6 The Customer is responsible for the payment of all subscription fees, whether the Customer has actively used the Service, consulted it or otherwise done so.

In the event of a late payment of the customer, Adjust is allowed to charge late fees up to EUR 5.00, USD 5.00 and JPY 700.00, as well as late interest in accordance with the legal provisions. Adjust reserves the right to prove and claim greater damages due to delays. In the event of a significant delay in customer payments, Adjust reserves the right to suspend the provision of other services, including customer access to services, at the customer`s expense until all services are paid. However, in the event of a suspension of benefits, the client is required to pay the agreed fee until the date of the suspension. In the event of a suspension of services, the duration provided for in Section 8 of this agreement or in the order form is extended to the suspension date. Once you have set a reasonable time limit for the Customer and that deadline expires, Adjust has the right to terminate this contract with immediate effect. In the event of returned debits or unpaid cheques, the customer is required to reimburse Adjust for the costs incurred as long as the customer is responsible for the event that caused the charge. Other rights and rights that may be acquired are not affected. 11.1 The place of execution and exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties is Berlin whether the client is a trader, a public legal entity or a special public law fund. The exclusive jurisdiction is Berlin even if the client does not have a general jurisdiction in Germany, if the client, after the conclusion of the contract, transfers his residence from Germany or whose residence is unknown at the time of the action. 11.3 Unless there is an express contrary agreement, the legal relationship between Adjust and the client is in accordance with German law and is interpreted accordingly. 7.7 Adjust`s claims for minor negligence are prescribed within one year of the date of the injury.

This restriction does not apply to damage caused by damage to life, body or health. All other claims are prescribed within the allotted time. 12.3. The legal relationship between the processor and the processor is in accordance with German law and is interpreted in accordance with German law. The exclusive jurisdiction is the place of residence of the subcontractor, as far as the law allows. 4.2. The processing manager should immediately inform the subcontractor if he finds errors and/or irregularities in the current data protection legislation when monitoring the results of this treatment.