Korea Canada Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

Case 8: For each property described in box 5, say “YES” if you are the producer of the property. If you are not the producer of the products, indicate “NO” followed by (1), (2) or (3), depending on whether this certificate is based on: (1) your knowledge of the qualification or not of the property as a product of origin; (2) confidence in the manufacturer`s written representation (with a certificate of origin) that the products may be considered original products; or (3) a certificate completed and signed for products voluntarily made available to the exporter by the manufacturer. C The product is entirely manufactured on the territory of one or both contracting parties and meets the specific rule of origin defined in Schedule 3-A (Product Specific Rules), which applies to its tariff classification. The rule may include a change in the tariff classification or a change in the tariff classification plus a value test. The property must also meet all other applicable chapter 3 requirements (rules of origin). (Reference: Article 3.1 b) 9. Participants understand, where a subscriber`s customs administration grants an exporter or producer a credit containing a written provision pursuant to Article 4.6.10 of the agreement, that the goods are not non-original goods, the exporter or producer discloses the affected products to all persons to whom it has issued a certificate of origin, in accordance with Article 4.4.1 (b) of the agreement. FTA certificates/declarations are certified themselves by a party through the transaction. In general, it is the exporter of the product. The exporter may or may not be the producer. However, the manufacturer is in the best position to have the necessary knowledge of how a product is qualified according to the rules of origin (ROO), as outlined in the FTA`s rules of origin section.

For this reason, a producer may be invited to obtain a certificate or a free trade declaration, even if he is not the exporter. 3. Where the application for a preliminary decision follows the application of a rule of origin that requires an assessment of whether the materials used in the manufacture of the goods are subject to a change in the current tariff classification, the application must include: the “E-commerce” chapter of the AFTA is intended to facilitate e-commerce between Canada and South Korea.