In Agreement With God

The agreement was welcomed by God, because Jephtar won when he was not to be military. Almighty father, help me not to deprive you of my treasures. One way or another, the people of Ammon have gone to war with Israel. The elders of Israel then went to Jephtar to wage war. but he gave them the condition to become their leader if he won the war, which they agreed. The scholarship can replace the leadership of the Holy Spirit. It is good to compare Scripture to Scripture, but we must not lose that this is the path by which we arrive in truth and redemption; God wants to talk to us and teach us things we don`t get if we compare Scripture to Scripture alone. COMME WITH THE TEXT OF GOD: Ephesians 4:1-3 INTRODUCTION: How blessed it is to go with God. What community and joy do we have when we walk with him? But there`s a price to pay if you want to go with him. Athletes do a lot of trash-conversations. They can go away. Steven Curtis… Read Ellen White`s reading, as if it were for us today, it helps us understand so much that there are three levels of agreement that we can enter: Levi was Jacob`s third son.

When Jacob wanted to die, he called his sons to bless them. Unfortunately for Levi, he received a curse for the indiscriminate murders he committed with Simeon. Jacob said that both will be scattered in Jacob and scattered in Israel. The curse they have carried for about 500 years (gen 49.5-7) ▪ God wants us to reach through this sequence, to remain and to receive. You have to cry for help. As soon as he hears it, he responds. It is very important to go through this sequence, and it is possible that some people do not go through the sequence. We must learn from these trials/sufferings: this goes back to the lesson: distress (with requests for help, etc.) puts us in tune with God! We must turn to God and not to our idols (whatever soothes our distress which is not of God: food, men, you can even more defy God with your treasures, making vows, making vows and honoring him with your first fruit.

Do his best than Abel. Are you supposed to be honorable in life, but something seemed to have foiled that step? God is able to bring back your honor and even greater. Jephtar was perhaps the first son; He could have been the leader of his brothers and sisters.