Software Application As Commodity–Excel–part 2

Now , about how the workflow is organized . 

Step 1:  Read Excel

With .

  • From this it should find the name of the sheet  = name of the tables.
  • Also, it should find the first row with names ( = column names).

So it generates models for each sheet

Step 2: Generating .NET Core , Angular and Cordova source code

  • There are templates, in Razor style. It pass the models for the sheet and generates the source code.
  • Also , will generate docker files to compile the application on docker

Step 3: Generating executables

  •    Push the source codes from Step 2 to GitHub
  •    The Github actions takes the docker files, generates the applications ( WebSite, Android )  into the docker , copies and puts into releases of Github
  • Also, it puts the Angular files into the wwwroot of the .NET Coreo
  • The application waits for the releases to be generated

Step 4: Creating application

  • The application downloads the releases on the local
  • Creates a Virtual Directory with the release
  • Show the link to the Virtual Directory and to the APK application

And that is all. You can try the demo at