[ADCES] Today, 19:00, Akka.NET and SqlServer 2019

Today, 19:00, Akka.NET and SqlServer 2019

Presentation 1: Building Event-Driven Applications with Akka.NET
Presenter: Emilian Balanescu, https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilianbalanescu/

Akka.NET is an open-source toolkit that simplifies the construction of concurrent and distributed applications. In this presentation you’ll learn about the actor model and event-sourcing concepts that enables you to build highly concurrent, fault-tolerant and event-driven applications. We’ll start by describing what is an actor and then we’ll continue with some practical techniques for actors’ design, messaging patterns, organization of actors’ hierarchies and we’ll also have a look on how to implement event-sourcing with persistence actors and replicate events to materialize views of data. Finally, to demonstrate the practical application of those concepts we’ll review a money transfer demo application.

Presentation 2: What’s new in SqlServer 2019
Presenter: Bogdan Sahlean, https://stackoverflow.com/users/924077/bogdan-sahlean

Description: Bogdan will present:

Query Processing
In-Memory Database