Quality Links /Icons for your open source project

A good  open source must show how good the source are  -without the reader to do investigation first. I decided to do an exhaustive inventory for my pet project Stankins.

So you have here , in no particular order:

  1. Link to the Continous Integration – Azure Pipelines –  to let the user know that we build regularly
  2. Link to TestCompletion – to know how many tests have passed
  3. Link to the Code Coverage – CodeCov.io – to let the user know about the tests and how good they are
  4. Link to Sonar – SonarCloud.io – to let the user know about the code quality
  5. Link to some  repository of the resources ( docker . nuget for example) – to let the user know the usage –  
  6. Links to the project on the web to let the users play with it : https://azurestankins.azurewebsites.net
  7. Link to the tech stack – StackShare.io – to let the user understand from what components is your open source architected – https://stackshare.io/ignatandrei/stankins
  8. Link to the last commit- shields.io – to show the user that you regularly make contribution


You can find all at readme.md at https://github.com/ignatandrei/stankins/blob/master/README.md

What other links do you have in your open source project?


PS: David  show me another public site, https://www.makeareadme.com/