Identify version for application and components for Backend(.NET Core) and FrontEnd(Angular)–part 1- introduction

Part1 : Introduction and Concepts

Part 2: Obtaining BackEnd Components Version

Part 3: Obtaining FrontEnd Component Version and Final Library

Live Demo 

NPM component
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In our days recognizing fast the version of the software you deploy it is important ( very important , if you do not have a continuum upgrade strategy – like Chrome does or in my days , using Click Once ). More, you should be able to recognize what components you are using in the software.

This was very interesting for me ( see  and ). However, this is not about how to version the application – but how to display the version for BackEnd and FrontEnd components.

So – we need a front-end HTML page ( or WPF, or WinForm or other front-end ) and 2 informations  : 1 for the components for the backend and one for the components for the front end .

I have made such a component – it is made for Angular and .NET Core. It can be adapted very easy for all others , by transforming the  Angular library to a WebComponent library and the WEB API .NET Core into node.js  HTTP Rest.

If you want to see the final product , please check the  and the  live demo at

You will see the version of .NET Components and Angular Components that we are using.