Meetup ADCES–Angular and Xamarin

We have Tuesday, 12 february,  a new meeting in Bucharest: 

Angular Library/Project and Xamarin Forms – An open source cross platform UI

I will present the Angular litbrary  for identifying versions of components for both backend and frontend – however, the presentation is towards  how to organize Angular into projects/ library , how to compile and how to deploy into npm repository.

Also, Andrei Nitescu will finish his presentation about Xamarin Forms with the following content:

What’s Xamarin Forms exactly? How’s it different than Xamarin?
– Framework capabilities
– A quick example of creating a simple mobile app with Xamarin Forms
– Great apps need great libraries/frameworks: Prism for Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Essentials.

We expect you on Tuesday at Bucharest Tower Center, Bulevardul Ion Mihalache 18, București