OpenSource library–Strong naming

The strong naming is something that I have not have done usually, so it will be interesting following .



AOP Roslyn


CONSIDER strong naming your library’s assemblies.

Not –see below


CONSIDER adding the strong naming key to your source control system.

easy- not


CONSIDER incrementing the assembly version
on only major version changes to help
users reduce binding redirects, and how often they’re updated.



DO NOT add, remove, or change the strong naming key.

easy- not


DO NOT publish strong-named and non-strong-named versions of your library.

easy – not

I have tried to add signing – it is pretty easy in Visual Studio to generate a new pfx fiel to sign code. However, when compiling, it requires all dependencies to be signed

CSC : error CS8002: Referenced assembly ‘PortableConsoleLibs, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ does not have a strong name. [C:\projects\aop-with-roslyn\AOPRoslyn\aopCmd\aop.csproj]

So , if one of your referenced libraries is not code signed, it is a big no

The other requirements are pretty easy..