OpenSource library – Cross-platform targeting

Part 1

Implement Open-source library guidance

Part 2

OpenSource library – Cross-platform targeting

Part 3

OpenSource library-Dependencies

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OpenSource library- Source Link

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OpenSource library-versioning

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OpenSource library- Breaking changes

Part 7

OpenSource library- conclusion

At there are the recommendations  for Cross platform. Let’s see what needs to be done for

Let’s see:


Nr Recommandation AOP Roslyn
1 DO start with including a netstandard2.0 target. Done – the main dll, AOPRoslyn, is already .netstandard2,0
2 AVOID including a netstandard1.x target. Not needed
3 DO include a netstandard2.0 target if you require a netstandard1.x target. Not needed
4 DO NOT include a .NET Standard target if the library relies on a platform-specific app model. Not needed
5 CONSIDER targeting .NET implementations in addition to .NET Standard. Not needed
6 AVOID using multi-targeting with .NET Standard if your source code is the same for all targets. Not needed
7 CONSIDER adding a target for net461 when you’re offering a netstandard2.0 target. OK> see later point 9


8 DO distribute your library using a NuGet package. Done


9 DO use a project file’s TargetFrameworks property when multi-targeting Struggle to implement/ partially done – modified AOPRoslyn.csproj
10 CONSIDER using MSBuild.Sdk.Extras when multi-targeting for UWP and Xamarin as it greatly simplifies your project file. Not needed
11 DO NOT include a Portable Class Library (PCL) target. OK
12 DO NOT include targets for .NET platforms that are no longer supported. Not needed

I tried to modify to include


( Attention: Framework, not Framework)

First , you should publish the .csproj

dotnet publish <path to csproj>

should be modified with -f=”netstandard2.0″

Then , each dependency should support it :

error NU1202: Package PortableConsoleLibs 1.0.0 is not compatible with net461 (.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1). Package PortableConsoleLibs 1.0.0 supports: netcoreapp2.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0)

So you should contact the owners to support it – or re-compile the sources, if you have.

So I will stick with

“DO NOT include targets for .NET platforms that are no longer supported.” including NET461.

Conclusion: 11 / 12 it is a good score.