Literary Awards–part 2–design

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One of the first problem that I was design. How to make a design that works on mobile and web and desktop ? Nowadays, the standard seems to be a menu on the left , that will be hidden when the mobile is rendering  . Also , this menu has three lines that allows to expand / collapse.

There are several resources at .

I have tested all the resources with Window Resizer from Chrome and I was impressed by I was impressed by .

I have found the  empty starter kit ( ) and I started to modify


There was a learning curve here:

The search –  I did not know how to make the search  that was provided , until I found something that was called “

NbSearchService” – always search for a service …

It was a while until a figured how to add a new page to the existing pages ( and now I copy /paste)

I ended up with a bunch of images ( )and other resources that were not needed


All in all, I think that it is more convenient to choose something simpler and not choose a big framework.

The design was pretty simple: Add links on the right to Nobel prize, Booker prize, others and list the authors / books.

And a search will be convenient to find fast the authors on the main page.

But about the data , next time

The source code is at github: