Friday links 286

  1. chrome.history – Google Chrome
  2. chrome-export-history/popup.js at master · christiangenco/chrome-export-history
  3. Actual Vs. Budget: Which visualization is most effective? | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI
  4. 37 Basic Practices in Assembly Language Programming – CodeProject
  5. Data Visualization – Using ggplot2 to create custom visuals in Power BI | Mincing Data
  6. enlightendesigns/PowerBI-visuals: The Microsoft Power BI visuals project provides high quality data visualization that you can use to extend Power BI. The project contains over 20 visualization types, the framework to run them, and the testing infrastruct
  7. DOT (graph description language) – Wikipedia
  8. Download. | Graphviz – Graph Visualization Software
  9. mdaines/viz.js: A hack to put Graphviz on the web.
  10. Google Code Archive – Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.
  11. AutoHotkey
  12. What if Your Icon Choices Ruined Your Work?
  13. New AI Is Capable of Beating Humans at Doom | Den of Geek
  14. 1605.02097v2.pdf
  15. Ways to Make Code Reviews More Effective