Friday links 284

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  2. C# and F# approaches to illegal states – Enterprise Craftsmanship
  3. ASP.NET Core: Using view injection | Gunnar Peipman – Programming Blog
  4. jamesknelson/junctions: Routing You Can Follow, for React JS
  5. unpkg
  6. anakic/Jot: Jot is a library for persisting and applying .NET application state.
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  11. How to pass parameters to a view component
  12. 4 essential skills software architects need to have but often don’t – O’Reilly Media
  13. Five Useful SQL Server Management Practices – SQLServerCentral
  14. Yelp/elastalert: Easy & Flexible Alerting With ElasticSearch
  15. linkedin/hopscotch: A framework to make it easy for developers to add product tours to their pages.