Friday links 281

  1. kswoll/WootzJs: C# to Javascript Compiler implemented via Roslyn
  2. Exploring Application Insights for disconnected or connected deep telemetry in ASP.NET Apps – Scott Hanselman
  3. SVG Charting Libraries – The Media Temple Blog
  4. A Linked Data Overview for Web API Developers
  5. Cognitive bias cheat sheet
  6. When Roman “Barbarians” Met the Asian Enlightenment – Medium
  7. madelson/MedallionShell: A .NET library simplifying the execution and chaining of processes
  8. Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes – Medium
  9. MailMergeLib – A .NET Mail Client Library – CodeProject
  10. axuno/MailMergeLib: MailMergeLib is an SMTP mail client library which provides comfortable mail merge capabilities for text, inline images and attachments, as well as good throughput and fault tolerance for sending mail messages.
  11. A Moment of Zen: Code Review: Microsoft’s System.Net.Mail Implementation
  12. tdupont750/PlaylistForChromecast: Playlist for Chromecast
  13. Porting a .Net Framework Library to .Net Core – Michael Whelan – behaviour driven blog
  14. Tom DuPont .NET: Dynamically Invoke Methods Quickly, with InvokeHelpers.EfficientInvoke