Interpreter–part 6 of n–Ecosystem/usage


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  6. – Ecosystem / usage



This is the latest – how do you use the component. In this case, the Interpreter is part of 2 separate projects : Stankins and AOP with Roslyn . Both uses this in order to interpret json files at runtimes.

For example, AOP with Roslyn wants to run in the current folder – not in the dotnet  folder wher it belongs.

So , for this, it has

“FolderName”: “@static:Environment.CurrentDirectory@”,

in the processme.,txt file.

The processme.txt is taken from

var pathDll = Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location;
path = Path.GetDirectoryName(pathDll);

But it processes files on the current directory – and it has the full name of the folder.