Interpreter–part 4 of n – Deploy


  1. – Idea
  2. – Coding
  3. – Testing
  4.  – Deploy
  5. – Documentation
  6. – Ecosystem / usage



After done the testing part, we can deploy the Interpreter . That means uploading to some package sources, as or I choose .

For this, first we should package the applicatiuon. We right click the project, select properties, and then package tab.

Enter the details ,. save , then right click the project again and click “Publish” and fisnish.

In the folder “bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.1\publish” you will find the InterpreterDll.1.0.0.nupkg file. This file you will upload to For this, you have to login to nuget.rog and go to

After submitting , you will find the package at .

From this, you can testit by downloading directly  from nuget feed .

First deploy was simple  – but we want to do this with a button click.


But we want more – every time a new code is pushed to github  -the tests should run automatically and a new interpreter package will be created. For this we can choose site , integrate with our github repository and create a build release.

I am going to and create a new project.  For this , I will integrate with GitHub and push a new build. Also,  in this definition of build have a publish task that allows to publish as an artifacty the .nupkg that next we will put on github / nuget